Faithful Companions of Jesus - Province of Asia-Australia (FCJ)

Province of Asia-Australia logo. We, FCJ Sisters in the Province of Asia-Australia, are members of an international group of women, Catholic Sisters, called to companionship with Jesus. We live in Indonesia, the Philippines, Myanmar and Australia.

This companionship urges us to communion, embracing all persons and all things, excluding no-one and no thing from our love and compassion.

As Faithful Companions of Jesus responding to God’s call our attention is drawn to great gatherings of people, many of them impoverished, trafficked, marginalized, despairing or far from their own country. With them we cry out for justice. We are aware too of so many, especially young adults, asking questions about faith and the meaning of their lives and looking for companions to walk with them.
(General Chapter Decree 2008)
In the present day world,
‘there is a deep hunger for something more which can bring hope. 
Marie Madeleine’s steadfast courage and deep spirit offer a way.”

Picture of Society mandala.Ignatian Spirituality

Our Community, Faithful Companions of Jesus, was founded in France in 1820
by Marie Madeleine d’Houët. 

Inspired by the lives of Jesuit priests whom she met at St Acheul in Amiens,
Marie Madeleine took for the Society the Constitutions of the Society of Jesus.
Thus, Ignatian Spirituality deepens and permeates all aspects of our lives. The
single end which the FCJ  Society seeks is the end for which Jesus came into the
world, the greater glory and service of God.

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