Ministry in Indonesia

As Faithful Companions of Jesus, our lives cannot be separated from our mission
which is to be in companionship with others.
It means that, wherever we are and whatever we do,
we are present as companions of Jesus for others.

The Sisters are engaged in the following work: Women weaving, Beta fcJ with a goat, earthquake relief.
Women weaving ....                                           Beta fcJ with a goat ....      Earthquake relief

‘Being an FCJ makes me live in and with many cultures.
It is so enriching: many different points of view, ways to say or do things, arts and cultures.
Yet the thirst for companionship and love is universal.’   
Afra Primadiana fcJ

‘Living in Indonesia gives me the opportunity to experience the unfolding and development
of our FCJ charism in a new context. It is amazing to see our charism
take root and grow in a new way enriched by Indonesian culture.’
   Clare Hand fcJ

‘Our Province is like a rainbow. It has many colours – of age, nationality, culture, interests and apostolates.
 It is a place to learn from others’ experiences, to share the stories from different fields,
and to know the beauty of another culture.
Somehow it witnesses to the world that living together in diversity is possible.’     
Emiliana Beta Suryawati fcJ

Francisca Yohana Sri Winarsih fcJ {Inez}

Since 2006, my main ministry has been accompanying and working with young people.  I have been teaching in Sanata Dharma University (USD) for five years.  Aside from teaching, I work in vocation ministry and accompany young people who are interested in deepening their faith.  Since 2007, I have been the coordinator of the MAGIS Program – a spiritual program for those who desire to live MORE.  “Magis” means “more” and is a key concept in Ignatian Spirituality, taken from the Spiritual Exercise where St. Ignatius urges us to ask “What MORE can I do for Christ?” and therefore for others.

Inez and FCJ Sisters after the Performance.I am really blessed working in these areas.  To grow is to journey through struggles, pains, joys, anxieties, tears and laughter.  To accompany young people who are growing helps me to grow, too.  Our bishop (Johanes Pujasumarta, Pr) said that to love young people is to love the future.  I realize that this is very true.  My ministries have strengthened me in  faith, hope  and love. 

To balance my life I also have joined a Balinese Dance Troupe.   This is a wonderful exercise – both physically and mentally.  

This is a photograph taken after the performance.

Yustina Tukiyem fcJ {Yustin}      

Yustin fcJ with her friends.Since I moved from Ende to Jogjakarta (Baciro community) mid 2009, I have been a full-time student at AAYKPN, an accountancy academy. I am now in the fourth semester and enjoy my studies as I like accountancy. I also enjoy my relationships with the other students who are mostly a lot younger than I am.  At first, I wasn’t sure if the age gap would be a problem, but after a few weeks I realized that it didn’t really matter; I just had to be myself, Yustin, an FCJ religious sister and student. As an older person, my responsible behavior and attitude to study inspires the younger students. “Good example does much good,” as Marie Madeleine d’Houet, our foundress, said. 

Besides studying, I am involved in animating a day of recollection for young women which is held on every third Sunday of the month in our FCJ convent, Soropadan, Jogjakarta. We are five in the team: Irene, Herlina, Hartini, Tyas and myself. The participants are about 15-30 young women. Most of them are students. I do enjoy and am grateful for my ministry.

Agnes Dinihari fcJ with her Grade 5 students.Agnes Dinihari fcJ

I’m Agnes Dinihari fcJ. My family originally came from Java but I was born in Ujung Pandang (South Sulawesi) and grew up in Biak Island (Papua). I made my first vows as a sister in the Society of the Sisters Faithful Companion of  Jesus in 2006. My main ministry now is teaching Grade 5 and 6 in Kanisius Elementary School in Yogyakarta. I love my ministry. I enjoy meeting and teaching children. I always find new things in my contact with them, things that make me smile, laugh, or surprised.   

Agnes Dinihari fcJ with her Grade 5 students in Kanisius Elementary School.

Hartini fcJ at Mass.Agustina Suhartini fcJ {Hartini}

I trained as a pastoral worker and as a teacher of religious education. It is true to say that I love this ministry!

I am currently taking further studies in religious education and I am enjoying this very much.

I am also a part-time teacher of religion in some of our local Roman Catholic schools and a member of the FCJ Relief Team. At the moment we are working with people affected by the recent eruption of Mt Merapi. I am helping families to find new forms of livelihood. We are providing scholarships, goats and reseeding fields.

My life is always interesting.

Herlina fcJ tutoring young students.Benedicta Herlina Widiastuti fcJ {Herlina}

In August 2011, I began my new ministry. I study psychology in Sanata Dharma University, Yogyakarta. This study will, hopefully, enable me to work for the education of children and adults with “special needs” as well as to accompany those who are deeply wounded. I enjoy this study very much as it gives me an opportunity to learn new things as well as working together with young people.

On a weekly basis, I teach English in a Rehabilitation Centre in Yakkum to students with disabilities. They need to learn English to communicate with their customers when they are selling their products. They’re very good students and they really want to learn and won’t let any obstacles stop them. They are amazing, I love this ministry very much.

I also accompany Catholic students of UGM, a state university in Yogyakarta. They need to be encouraged and accompanied to learn about spirituality and the world around them.  I work with some abused women, listen to their story, honor their wound, their treasure so that they can stand up and define their own fate. It’s a wonderful ministry. I really specially feel the call as Faithful Companion of Jesus in this ministry.

I am involved in our basic ecclesial community, choir, arranging flowers, Bible sharing and other activities in our local Parish. I am also part of the team that prepare and conduct  recollection for young women every three months.

I really love all the ministries that I am involved in. I get great life and energy from them.

Margaret fcJ with students.Margaret O’Donohue fcJ

I’m Margaret O’Donohue fcJ. I’m Irish and I have been in Indonesia since 2004.

My ministry is in Sanata Dharma University in the PBI English Department helping students by having conversation in English and correcting their theses.

We have two FCJ communities in Yogyakarta and I am local leader in both Soropadan and Baciro. I also accompany sisters in temporary profession and share FCJ life and spirituality with the novices and postulants.

Sr. Clare helps prepare food for disaster relief.Clare Hand fcJ

I’m Clare fcJ.  I first arrived in Yogyakarta in December 1997 so by now I feel really at home here!  Since 1998 I have taught in the English Department in Sanata Dharma University.  I love teaching, I especially love being with the students.  I am also responsible for training our FCJ novices and I love this too!  In between times I am involved in our parish and in our neighbourhood.  It is true to say I love being with people in many kinds of ways.  It suits me being a companion of Jesus and there are many simple ways of bringing Christ to others.  I wouldn’t change my life for anything!