FCJ Mission lived in Asia-Australia

"Wherever a sister goes on her mission, alone or with others,
she goes as a member of the Society
and can rely on the support of her sisters."(Constitutions, 252)

Each FCJ sister, each Faithful Companion of Jesus, is sent on Mission. Just as Jesus was sent by God and obedient even unto death, we desire to be sent with him and to obedient to God's deep desires for us. Jesus said to his disciples, "As the Father sent me, so am I sending you."(John 20:21)

The expression of our mission differs according to person, time and place. We are sent with Jesus when we are asked to travel into parts of the world with which we are not familiar; we are also sent by ministering faithfully in one place.

Whatever the circumstances of our ministry, our deep desire is to be faithful companions of Jesus, whose lives reveal him to our world. Not only does our mission take us to different places in the world; it takes different expression in our ministries. Sometimes we are sent to active ministries, sent to be for others the 'gentle human face of God among them'. Sometimes the circumstances of our lives send us primarily to the hidden ministries of prayer, of suffering, of sickness and of living fully the frailties of age.

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